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6 Commonly Forgotten Wedding Costs

We all know how expensive a wedding can be, but there are small costs that often are forgotten or overlooked. These can add up to a big overage for your wedding budget. After all, you need a dress, a venue, flowers, food, a cake, and countless other items in order to achieve that classic wedding look. But while you’ve been focusing on the big stuff, some of the costly details have probably slipped your mind. Here are a few things that you need to consider if you want to stay on budget.

The Marriage License

The marriage license is the most important item in your wedding since it’s what makes you legally married. The price for a marriage license varies widely across the Texoma area. For example, a license in Grayson County costs $82, while one in Bryan County costs only $50. Do your research on what it’ll cost you have to go get one.


Some couples choose to purchase a small gift for their bridesmaids and groomsmen as part of asking them to participate in the wedding. You and your fiance may want to get gifts for your parents to show your appreciation for all the help they’ve provided during the planning process. Another tradition is for couples to exchange gifts with each other before the ceremony as a token of love.

Most couples provide a little welcome bag for their guests who are coming in from out of town (if this is something you plan to do, be aware that some hotels charge a fee for handing out the bags). Decide on which of these things, if any at all, you and your spouse-to-be want to do. Remember, the more people you invite, the more money you’ll spend on gifts.


You’ve probably already decided on a budget for your dress and the groom’s tux or suit, but don’t forget that this should extend to all the alteration costs and accessories. If you blow the whole dress budget on the wedding gown, you’ll have to scrape up the money for a veil, undergarments, shoes, and jewelry or go without. Your groom might also need a new pair of dress shoes, matching socks, or a specific tie. You’ll both definitely need alterations since most formal wear needs a little help to fit just right.


When it comes to invitations, the postage is probably the last thing on your mind. Before you order three insert cards to go with your calligraphed invitations, you should know that heavy invitations will cost you a lot more. The same goes for uniquely-shaped envelopes. In fact, anything except a standard-size invitation without inserts is going to cost you, sometimes up to $2 more than regular price. You can cut down on this cost by forgoing the directions, accommodations, and RSVP cards for the instruction to visit your wedding website, where you’ll have all that information posted.

Taxes & Hidden Fees

We know that you treasure your vendors, but sometimes you forget what hiring a vendor can entail. Before you book a vendor, ask whether the quote they’re giving you is the final price or the subtotal. Sometimes there are taxes and hidden fees, and you want to get those out in the open before you sign the contract. Also, remember that tipping your vendors is encouraged. Set some money aside, tuck it into envelopes, and present them to your vendors at the end of your wedding. Another important cost is for meals for the vendors. Work out a meal for the vendors with your caterer, and designate a time for them to eat during the reception. Take care of your vendors, and you’ll get the best bang for your buck!

Thank You Notes

After the wedding, you need to write thank-you notes to all the guests who attended and got you a gift. A short note is fine, and they don’t have to match your wedding stationery. Include this cost in the stationary budget, but since costs should be kept low on this, it isn’t a priority.

This is just a short list of some of commonly forgotten wedding costs you should keep in mind when creating your wedding budget and shopping for your wedding related items. What are some other small costs that you have come across that you didn’t account for in your budget?