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5 Things No One Told You About Wedding Planning

There is a lot about wedding planning that’s intuitive. You’re obviously going to need a dress, a venue, and a caterer, and you probably have a good idea about how you want your wedding to feel. However, there are a few things about wedding planning that might not be quite as clear.

For one thing, you may think that just because you’re having a more casual wedding, you’ll end up doing less planning. We hate to burst your bubble, but informal affairs require just as much coordination as formal ones. Whether you’re having a three-course custom meal or a barbeque buffet, you’ll still need to book a reliable caterer. Whether you’re creating specialty cocktails or just having beer, you still need to work out the alcohol license and insurance with the venue. Don’t give up your ideal wedding just because you think it’ll be less effort, because it won’t be!

You should also know that the wedding planning process can be very emotionally draining. It’s expected that there will be some tears on the day of the wedding, but know that you’ll probably get emotional long before that. Maybe you’ve found the absolutely most perfect wedding dress, or maybe you’ve just found out your dream venue isn’t available on your date. Regardless of the situation, there will probably be some stress-related waterworks along the way. It’s perfectly normal, just reapply your mascara and carry on.

No matter how organized you are, there will be unexpected expenses. You might need to use outdoor tents if it rains on your wedding day, or your shoes might break and need replacing the day before the wedding. Your budget should be adjusted so that you can swing up to 5% more than the projected cost. It’s better to be safe than sorry!

Even though you’re undeniably in love, you will have some arguments with your fiance. You could disagree over anything from cake flavors to the type of music you want at the reception. Remember to set a few evenings aside so that you can spend some quality time together. Take a break from the wedding planning and have a movie night, or go for a hike. Whatever will put things in perspective so that you can remember you’re doing this as a way to celebrate your love, not create drama. And if he’s not as involved in the planning process as you might want him to be, talk about what he’s interested in and come up with a plan to split some tasks up. Compromise is key.

5 Things No One Told You About Wedding Planning | Texoma Bride Guide Blog
5 Things No One Told You About Wedding Planning | Texoma Bride Guide Blog

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