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5 Reasons To Wear A Veil On Your Wedding Day

To wear a veil or not to wear a veil, that is the question. And, we’re here to answer it! No matter what the theme or feel of your wedding is, there are 5 great reasons to wear a veil on your wedding day. 


First and most importantly, veils are the perfect addition to any wedding day photo. Veils add such a bridal and romantic element to pictures. Plus, you can only do those Instagram worthy under-the-veil shots if you actually wear a veil! You’ll also want to wear one for your bridal portraits. Get the best of both worlds by wearing the veil for half of the photos and going without it for the other half! 

Feel Like a Bride

There’s a reason all those find-the-dress reality TV shows wait until the last moment to put the veil on the bride. Because once you see yourself with a veil, you actually start to feel like a bride. It’s a surreal moment and one that should not be missed! Especially if you’re wearing a more nontraditional dress, the veil is the perfect finishing touch to take your look from pretty to bridal. In addition, it adds a special sentimental touch for your dad to lift your veil when giving you away. 

Something Old, Something Borrowed

If you’re continuing the tradition of something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue, a veil is a perfect way to knock one (or even two!) of those out. Since your dress will most likely be your something new, your veil is the perfect something old or borrowed. And how special will it be to wear, for instance, your mother’s or grandmother’s veil at your wedding?! Or, if you loved your best friend’s veil, ask if you can borrow it for your big day! It adds a special touch, plus saves you money! 

Added Style

Veils really take your bridal style up a notch and are a great way to show off your personality. Choose from short, mid-length, long, or even birdcage veils. Go with a super simple veil or choose one outlined with delicate lace. For the adventurous bride, go with something like a polka dot veil! Veils can give a whole different look to your dress. Instead of seperate ceremony and reception dresses, simply change your look by taking off your veil for the reception! 

When Else Are You Going to Wear One?!

Bottom line – you won’t get another chance to wear a veil, so now’s the time! But, if you’re still not sold on the idea, wear the veil for the ceremony only and then take it off whenever you want. Before pictures, after pictures, before the reception, after the first dance, etc. But don’t make the mistake of looking back on your pictures one day and wishing you had worn a veil for at least a couple of photos! 

Do you already have your veil ready-to-wear for your wedding day? We’d love to see it! Come hang out with us on Facebook and if you’re local to the Texoma area, join us in our Facebook group

5 Reasons To Wear A Veil On Your Wedding Day | Texoma Bride Guide Blog
5 Reasons To Wear A Veil On Your Wedding Day | Texoma Bride Guide Blog

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