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5 Options for Groom’s Wedding Attire

When your groom’s wedding attire pops into your mind, you probably automatically think of a tuxedo or suit. However, the wedding rules and traditions are ever-changing, and there are, in fact, other options for your future hubs! A tuxedo is great if you’re having a black-tie affair, but weddings are becoming much more casual and less traditional these days, which is perfect for these new options for groom’s attire. 


5 Options for Groom’s Wedding Attire: Tuxedo

Again, this traditional option is perfect for a black-tie wedding! There are a couple of things you want to keep in mind about tuxedos, though. Typically, grooms will only wear a tux for an evening wedding, after 6 pm. Also, be sure to include the dress code (black-tie) on the invitation, so your guests are not underdressed compared to your man! When selecting a tux, you will have the option of renting or buying. You’ll also be able to choose what color tux you’d like. We love a white tuxedo with a black lapel – swoon!


5 Options for Groom’s Wedding Attire: Suit

The next option is another popular choice. Suits can be dressed up or down, and mix and matched. You can choose a black suit for a fancier affair or a trendy blue suit for an outdoor or more laid-back wedding. Have your future hubby decide if he wants to wear a bow-tie or regular tie, and match it to your bouquet! Patterned ties are in, and we are loving the trend – especially floral patterns! Another trend we’re diggin’? The groom in a hunter green suit – allllll the heart eyes!


5 Options for Groom’s Wedding Attire: Vest

This next option is definitely meant for more casual weddings. Have your groom wear a 3 piece suit, with or without the jacket. The jacket will dress it up, but the vest without the jacket makes a totally different type of statement. Pair it with a classic white shirt underneath, or mix it up with a patterned shirt. Again, you can dress it up with a dark color and bow tie, and dress it down with lighter colors and a fun tie. We love this option for grooms; it’s different, stylish, and more comfortable. 


5 Options for Groom’s Wedding Attire: Suspenders

Who doesn’t love a man in suspenders?! Better yet, what bride doesn’t love her groom in suspenders?! We love the classic look of a white button-up, suspenders, and camel-colored accents.. Have him roll up his sleeves and you’ll be ready to get the honeymoon started before the wedding’s over! Okay, we’ll calm down. But seriously, this is such a great look, especially for those grooms who hate wearing tuxes or suits and just want to be comfortable. 


5 Options for Groom’s Wedding Attire: Jacket

Last but not least, you could have your groom pick out a jacket, and pair it with his favorite dress pants. The options are endless – you could keep it classic and simple or pick out a funky, trendy jacket. We love velvet jackets (especially for winter weddings!) and fun patterned jackets. We definitely recommend mismatched items that contrast each other well. For example, a black and white gingham button-down paired with a tan tweed jacket. Don’t be afraid to play around with different colors and textures! 

Which option will you choose for your groom?? Is he a classic tuxedo and suit kind of guy, or a more laid back no-jacket guy? Head on over to our facebook page to let us know! 

5 Options for Groom’s Wedding Attire
5 Options for Groom’s Wedding Attire

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