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Alternative Ways To Serve Alcohol At Your Wedding

Let’s be honest, wedding guests LOVE an open bar! But, open bars are expensive. Whether you’re trying to keep costs down, or just want to switch it up a bit, we’ve got 5 alternative ways to serve alcohol at your wedding. 

Cash Bar

Are most of your wedding guests non-drinkers or light drinkers? Instead of an open bar, consider having them pay per drink. This takes the financial burden off your shoulders, and won’t cost your guests an arm and a leg since they’ll only have one or two drinks anyway. However, this is an option for every bride and groom, no matter how much your guests drink! If you want to serve alcohol on your wedding day but it’s out of your budget, there’s nothing wrong with a cash bar. 

Beer and Wine Only

Keep costs down by only offering beer and wine. Add champagne to the mix for a fun and fancy offering! Bonus: this will cut down on the guests that need to be cut off from drinking too much hard liquor. No sloppy drunk wedding guests = WIN! 

Specialty Drinks

Do you and your partner share a certain type of alcohol that you both love? Serve this as the main choice at your wedding! Whether your red wine lovers or whiskey connoisseurs, let your guests know by offering that as the specialty drink. If you choose a liquor, consider also offering beer and wine as an alternative. On the flip side, if you choose beer as your specialty beverage, make sure there’s at least one or two other options for the non-beer drinkers. 

Signature Drinks 

Offer a fun, signature cocktail or drink! When people think of your groom, do they automatically think of an old-fashioned? Perfect- there’s his signature drink! Typically both the bride and groom will choose a signature drink in addition to offering guests basic choices like beer or wine. This is a great way to incorporate wine, beer, and liquor into your drink options without having to stock up on every type of alcohol known to man. 


Have your guests bring their own beer, or any other beverage of their choice! This is the most cost effective way to make sure each guest has exactly what they want to drink. Before choosing this option, be sure to double check that it’s allowed at your venue. Also ask about storage options for guests’ beverages, like setting out ice buckets at each table so guests can keep their beer or wine cool. 

Serving alcohol at your wedding doesn’t have to break the bank! Choose from one of these 5 alternative options to make both you and your guests happy. Let us know- will you have a signature drink at your wedding and what will it be?!

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Alternative Ways To Serve Alcohol At Your Wedding | Texoma Bride Guide Blog
Alternative Ways To Serve Alcohol At Your Wedding | Texoma Bride Guide Blog