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4 Wedding Invitation Mistakes Brides Make

What’s the most important aspect of your wedding? Well, if you want people to actually show up, it’s the wedding invitations! Your dress, venue, photographer, and all the other big vendors are obviously very important. However, does any of that matter if none of the guests are there to see it?! That’s why it’s so essential for your wedding invitations to clearly state the correct information. So today, we’re talking about the 5 wedding invitation mistakes that brides make (and how to avoid them!).

1) Incorrect Date and/or Time

Nothing ruins a wedding like mistakenly putting the wrong date on the invitation! Double, triple, and quadruple check your invites to avoid mass chaos and confusion. In addition, some brides are tempted to specify a time on the invitation that’s a bit earlier than the actual start time of the ceremony, so that their guests do not show up late. However, most people will know to show up at a wedding a little early. If you indicate an earlier-than-reality start time, you could have guests waiting for you for quite some time.

2) Not Including a Stamp and/or Instructions for RSVP’s

Most people realize they need to include a response card and envelope with their invitations. But what most people forget is to also include a stamp! Don’t make your guests hunt down a stamp to use. You want to make it as easy as possible for your guests to respond in a timely manner.

Also, be sure to include all necessary info and instructions on the RSVP date. This means you should include something like “Please respond by X date.” The date you choose should be a couple of weeks before your wedding so you have time to finalize the details, like your seating chart. Make sure you also specify who exactly you’re inviting, and/or give them space to write the names of each attendee. If you need to know their meal choice, that should also be included on the RSVP card.

3) Sending Invitations Too Late

With the many, many, many things on your wedding planning to-do list, it’s easy to put off invitations since you don’t need them right away. Don’t do this! Get started on your invitations as soon as possible, so you can check them off your to-do list and send them as soon as the 8-week marker hits. There’s nothing worse than realizing your almost 8 weeks out and you haven’t even started on your wedding invitations. Plus, invitation vendors are busy too! Book early to get your dream invites.

4) Not Including Enough Information

At a minimum, your wedding invitations should list the date, time, and location of your wedding ceremony and reception. If you have any additional information your guests should know, include an info card insert in your invitation suite. For example, if you expect your guests to attend a welcome dinner or a farewell brunch, include that information on the invites! Plus, you will probably need to include information about dress code, transportation, etc. You can do this directly on the info card or direct them to your wedding website for further information.

If you can avoid these 4 wedding invitation mistakes, you’ll be good to go! Double-check the date and time, make RSVPing easy as pie, send invitations 8 weeks in advance (& start early!), and include all necessary information. That’s no so hard, right!?

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4 Wedding Invitation Mistakes Brides Make | Texoma Bride Guide Blog
4 Wedding Invitation Mistakes Brides Make | Texoma Bride Guide Blog