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10 of the Best Props for Photo Booths

Having a photo booth at your wedding is a great way to capture alllll the memories from your big day! Your photographer will get the important shots of you, your groom, and your close family and friends. But, with a photo booth, you get pictures of each of your guests, and it also gives your guests a fun activity to do at the reception! Make your photo booth even more fun with cute props for your guests to use. Without further ado, here’s our top 10 faves! 

Mr. and Mrs. Signs

Celebrate finally being a Mr. and Mrs. with cute signage props! They could say “Mr. and Mrs.” or “Bride and Groom” or even “Mr. Right and Mrs. Always Right.” Have fun with it and choose whichever saying is more you


No explanation necessary – set out a variety of sunglasses for your guests to use as photo props! Think fun colors, shapes, and sizes! 

Face Photo Sticks

These are the mustaches, beards, and lips on a stick that you see all over Pinterest! In addition, you could do bow-ties, cut out sunglasses, and hats on a stick; the options are endless! 

Confetti Pops

We love this idea – how fun are confetti pops?! Your guests can pop confetti in celebration of your wedding and then pose for the perfect picture. 

Hashtag Sign

Have your wedding hashtag made into a wood or acrylic sign for guests to pose with. Do it for the gram! 

Speech/Thought Bubbles

Another one of our favorites! Put cheeky sayings in a speech bubble on a stick for the perfect wedding prop! Some sayings we love: Team bride, team groom, #selfie, drunk in love, I came for the cake, dancing queen, I’m still single, and best party ever. 


What’s a photo booth without hats?! Think top hats, baseball caps, sombreros, tiaras, flower crowns, and more. Bonus points for personalizing the hats, or using hats from your favorite teams or places!  


Have a small chalkboard out for your guests to use in the photo booth. They could either write their best wishes for the couple or their own fun sayings! Or, you could use a small letterboard if that’s more your style. 


Think masquerade masks! Personalize them to match your wedding theme or colors. You could even make special “bride” and “groom” masks for you and your hubby to use in the photo booth! 

Travel Props

This option is perfect for a destination wedding. But, it can be used for any couple, especially if they are particularly excited about their honeymoon! You can use vintage luggage, postcards, old cameras, and passports to get the ultimate travel-themed photo shoot. 

BONUS: Backdrop

Set up your photo booth with an epic background! We love floral walls, sequins, shiplap, and greenery. Your guests will be super impressed and excited to take pictures in this awesome setting! Etsy has some great options for easy, affordable backdrops.

Which one of these photo booth props is your favorite?! If you love photo booths as much as we do, head over to our photobooth vendors page to book a photo booth for your wedding today!

10 of the Best Photo Booth Props

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